Wehrmacht in the Mud

Anglicky psaná publikace, měkká vazba formátu A4, 80stran.

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Author(s): Alan Ranger

ISBN: 978-8365958549

Date: 2019-06-20

Series: Camera ON

Catalogue Number: Camera on 19

Category: News

Format : A4

Pages: 80

This new World War II photo album is the first ever book to show such a broad selection of both equipment and vehicles that have one thing in common - the battle against mud. It is estimated that nearly as many German military vehicles that were destroyed by enemy action were also lost to muddy conditions. This book contains 140 photographs of German equipment endeavouring to make its way through mud - sometimes with success and sometimes only with help. It shows many of the recovery vehicles in operation and the harsh conditions they had to work in. The images illustrate this battle with the elements as the soldiers viewed it as both their work environment and indeed were they had to live, not in the highly polished and sanitized views of the official photographers.

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