Renault R35 & R40 Through a German Lens

Anglicky psaná publikace, měkká vazba formátu A4, 72stran.

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Author(s): Alan Ranger

ISBN: 978-83-65958-99-0

Date: 2021-05-29

Series: Camera ON

Catalogue Number: Camera ON 26

Category: News

Format : A4

Pages: 80

The Renault R35, an abbreviation of Char léger Modèle 1935 R or R35, was a French light infantry tank of the Second World War.

Designed from 1933 and produced from 1936, the tank was intended as an infantry support light tank. To this end it was relatively well-armoured but slow and lacking a good antitank-capacity, fitted with a short 37 mm gun. At the outbreak of the war, the antitank-role was more emphasized leading to the development and eventual production from April 1940 of a subtype with a more powerful longer gun, the Renault R40.  Due to the defeat of France the R35/40 remained the most numerous French tank of the war. About 1680 vehicles having been produced by June 1940.

In this volume the author provides a detailed impression of these vehicles through original photographs, taken both during by the normal German.