Gloster Grebe & Gamecock

Anglicky psaná publikace, měkká vazba,

208 stran – 48 v barvě.

459,00 Kč

Author(s): Tim Kershaw

Illustrator: Krzysztof W. Wołowski

ISBN: 978-83-61421-17-7

Date: 2011-04-18

Series: Orange

Catalogue Number : No.8112

CategoryAvailable Format : B5

Pages : 208 ( 48 in colour )

The Gloster Grebe and Gamecock served with the RAF in the 1920s, the last in a line of Folland-designed fighters derived from the WW1 SE.5a, and the last wire-braced wooden fighters in RAF service. Wearing the colourful squadron markings of the day, these nimble little aircraft thrilled the crowds at many airshows of the time, flown by pilots such as Douglas Bader. In this book the design, development and history of these aircraft and their derivatives is described and illustrated, drawing on Gloster archives and the resources of the Jet Age Museum, which has nearly completed a fully-detailed reproduction Gamecock incorporating several surviving parts of this classic fighter. All the many experimental derivatives are described and illustrated, plus the export versions which served in Finland and Japan. Profusely illustrated with many rare photos, excerpts from official manuals, scale plans, and a full colour walk-around section on the replica. Features superb colour profiles by the late Krzysztof W. Wołowski, who sadly passed away shortly before the book was completed.