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CZK116 s DPH

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1. Bell UH-1D “Nevada Gambler” of the 227th Aviation Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division based at Phoc Vinh from August to October 1969. This aircraft carried two magazines manufactured from old 44gallon oil drums designed to carry flares t illuminate the battlefield.

2. Hughes OH-6A “Loach” of the 101st Air Assault Division, This aircraft was fitted with a 7.62mm General Electric M-134 six barrel rotary mini gun protruding from the left hand door.

3. Bell AH-1G “Pandora’s Box” 2/20 ARA, Blue Max based in Vietnam 1972. The rear seat was occupied by CW2 Wayne Richardson.

4. Bell OH-58A Kiowa of the C Company, 17th Cavalry Division In 1970 it was flown by LT Larry Brown.