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CZK131 s DPH

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1. Mitsubishi A6M5 “White 32-89”, Kokutai 332, Naruo AB, Japan early 1945.

2. Mitsubishi A6M5 “Yellow YoD-160”, 2nd Hikotai of Kokutai 302, Atsugi AB, Japan 1945.

3. Kugisho D4Y2-S, “White YoD-228”, flown by CPO Yoshimitsu Naka (pilot) and CPO Hisao Kanazawa (navigator), Kokutai 302, Atsugi AB, Japan 1945.

4. Kugisho D4Y2-S, “Red YoD-154”, Yokosuka Kokutai, Yokosuka AB, Japan 1945.

After having previously shot down one B-29 and damaged another, LCDR Masaharu Yamada, CO of 7th Hikotai was killed in a landing accident while flying this aircraft on the night of 25/26 May 1945.

5. Mitsubishi J2M3 “White YoD-1183”, Kokutai 302, Atsugi AB, Japan 1945.

Flying a P-51 D Mustang, Maj. James B. Tapp (8 victories in total) shot down LTJG Ei Fukuda while he was flying this aircraft on April 19 1945.

As a bonus, markings are included for an unrelated two seater. This takes the form of a Kyushu K9W1 “Black YoD-703” from Kokutai 302, Atsugi AB, Japan 1944.