Polish Wings No. 16. Supermarine Spitfire XVI

English text, soft cover, 88 pages and 44 in colour,

30colour profiles and nearly 200 photograps.

Entire book is published in color.

479,00 Kč

Author(s): Wojtek Matusiak

Illustrator: Robert Grudzień

ISBN: 978-83-61421-68-9

Date: 8th January 2013

Series: Polish Wings

Catalogue Number: No. PW016

Category: Available

Format : A4

Pages: 88 ( 44 in colour)


The book is the story of Spitfire XVIs used by Polish pilots in Britain, both in Polish squadrons and in RAF and auxiliary units. It includes listings of losses and of officially credited victories.

There are nearly 200 photographs (about half of which have not been published before) and about 30 colour profiles (plus top and bottom views for one representative aircraft).

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