Staff Cars In Germany WW2 vol. 1

English text, 88pages .

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Author(s): Alan Ranger


ISBN: 978-8365281869

Date: 2018-12-15

Series: Camera ON

Catalogue Number: Camera on 09

Category: News

Format : A4

Pages: 88

This new photo-album in the "Camera On" series contains over 150 photographs of private cars adapted for military use by the German forces during WWII. With mobilization of the German armed forces in 1939, the lack of motorized transport was identified as a critical issue. In order to partly remedy this, the military commandeered much of both Germany's and its satellite dependencies' passenger car stock; thus the military motor pool was supplemented by thousands confiscated civilian passenger cars, which were partially adapted to military use.

Commercial & private limousines as well as hard tops and cabriolets cars were used.

This book shows Opel Olympia versions.