Staff Cars in Germany WW2 Vol. 2

English text, 64pages .

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Author(s): Alan Ranger

ISBN: 978-8365958808

Date: 2020-10-07

Series: Camera ON

Catalogue Number: Camera ON 23

Category: News

Format : A4

Pages: 80

This latest photo-album in the ""Camera On"" series contains 150 more photographs of private cars adapted for military use by the German forces during WWII. The remainder of the Opel motor company major production types are covered - the car types that were not covered in volume 1 - such as the Opel P-4 that was also used as the basis of many of the pre-war mock-up training tanks used by the German army due to the lack of real tanks to train with. The "Opel Kadett" (cadet), the Opel Supper 6, the "Opel Kapitan" (Captain) and at the top of the range, the luxurious Opel Admiral. In this volume the author provides a detailed impression of these vehicles through original photographs, taken both during and before the war by the normal German soldiers who both used and served with these now classic automobiles