Samolot szkolno-łącznikowy RWD-8

Polish text, soft cover,

format A4, 180 / 26 in col. pages .

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Book in Polish language.

The RWD-8 was a Polish aircraft produced before WW2 in the greatest number, because in over 550 copies.

Used in flying clubs and aviation schools, it was our most popular aircraft in the 1930s.

Over a thousand sports pilots and even more military pilots, a total of about 2.5 thousand, have been trained on it.

Published together with Muzeum Sił Powietrznych w Dęblinie

Author(s): Amdrzej Glass

Illustrator: Dariusz Karnas

ISBN: 9788366549425

Date: 2020-12-03

Catalogue Number : STRRWD8

Category : New

Format : A4

Pages : 108 / 26 in colours