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South African Air Force Fighter Colors, Vol.2: The War in the Desert 1941-1942

English text, soft cover,90 pages, 96 BW photos and

colour profiles.

Autor(s): Piet van Schalkwyk

Ilustrator: Arkadiush Wróbel
ISBN: 978-83-60672-33-4
Date: 2020-12-20
Catalogue Number: PROWCG03

Category: New

Format : A4

Pages: 90pages (14 in colour) 96 b&w photos, colour plates

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In the early stages of World War Two, the Italian Forces in Abyssinia, East Africa, consisting of 200,000 troops and nearly 400 aircraft constituted a grave threat to Kenya and the Sudan. To meet this threat three South African Air Force (SAAF) fighter squadrons were deployed to East Africa to counter the attacking Italian Air Force.

Author(s): Piet van Schalkwyk, William Marshal

Illustrator: A.Wróbel

ISBN: 9788360672303

Date: 2018-11

Catalogue Number : PROWCG02

CategoryAvailable Format : A4

Pages : 80 (23 full-color plates and 112 b&w photos )