Romanian Fighter Colours 1941-1945

English text, soft cover, 192 pages and 192 in colour,

colour profiles. Entire book is published in color.

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This book describes and illustrates all the fighter aircraft used by the Romanian armed forces during WW2. Covering both the indigenous designs employed early on through to the German fighters flown for much of the period, the camouflage and markings of these aircraft are described and illustrated in great detail.

Fully illustrated with many rare wartime photos. Full colour profiles of many representative aircraft.

Aircraft described: PZL P.11c , PZL P.24 , Hurricane Mk I , Heinkel 112E , Bf 109E , Bf 109G , Bf 110 ,

MiG-3 , Fw 190F-8 , Fw 190A-8 , IAR 81/81