Japanese Experimental Transport Aircraft of the Pacific War

Book in English , soft cover,

248 pages, 248 pages in colour.

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  • Author(s): Giuseppe Picarella



  • Illustrator: Giuseppe Picarella



  • ISBN: 978-83-61421-41-2



  • Date: 2nd January 2012



  • Series: Others



  • Catalogue Number: No. Oth.005



  • Category: New



  • Format :A4 HB



  • Pages : 248 ( 248 in colour)





Information in English on Japanese WW2 transport aircraft is hard to find, and in this book the story of the Japanese experimental transport designs is told in great detail. The context is explained, with information on the low priority given to transport aircraft and the disastrous implications of that neglect for the Japanese war effort. Fully illustrated with many rare photos and excellent artwork, the various designs and proposals for transport aircraft during the war are described and discussed, both novel designs and adaptations of bomber aircraft.